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  27/2/2015 4:10am
ET Straits Times ^STI
3402.86 -23.32 -.68%

     Thakral Corp THAK.SI
  0.023 0.00 0%
Investor relations
25/2/2015 Full Year and Q4 FY2014 Results & Press Release
29/1/2015 Proposed Acquisition, Proposed Dilution & Proposed Adoption of TCH ESOS
29/12/2014 Appointment of Independent Director and Member of Audit & Compensation Committees - Details & Declaration of Mr. Nair
29/12/2014 Independent Director Appointment, Non-Executive Director Resignation & Composition of Committees
29/12/2014 Resignation of Non-Executive Director - Details & Declaration of Mr. Ting
1/12/2014 Change of Name of Subsidiary
25/11/2014 Dilution of Interest in Thakral Japan Properties Pte. Ltd.
25/11/2014 Interested Person Transaction - Joint Venture in Thakral Japan Properties Pte. Ltd.


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