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  9/10/2015 12:42pm
Thakral Corporation Ltd (AWI.SI)
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     Thakral Corp 1(AWJ.SI)
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Investor relations
19/8/2015 Press Release - Thakral and Aberdeen Asset Management Asia Set Up Bespoke Programme to Invest in Real Estate Projects in Australia
18/8/2015 Press Release - Thakralís Subsidiary Sets Up JV to Develop Retirement Resorts in Australia
12/8/2015 Joint Venture
12/8/2015 Press Release - Newstead Series in Brisbane, Australia
5/8/2015 Q2FY2015 Press Release and Results
4/8/2015 Notification of Results Release Date for Q2FY2015
9/7/2015 Press Release - Cristiano Ronaldo Officially Launches MTG's
30/6/2015 Completion of Proposed Acquisition and Proposed Dilution (TCAP & TCH)


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